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The group of companies (LLC AKVAMEKHANIKA, Kiev, LLC AKVAMEKHANIKA GROUP, Ivano-Frankivsk, State Institute UKRUZHGIPPROVODHOZ, Odessa, State Ecological Academy, Kiev) performs the whole range of design, construction and reconstruction of facilities water supply and sanitation for municipal and industrial enterprises – from technical audit and assessment of the performance of a particular facility to the construction of turnkey treatment facilities.

The main activities of the company are to conduct laboratory studies of the composition of water, perform scientific research, conduct engineering and design work, select, manufacture and supply high-quality, efficient water and wastewater treatment equipment, perform installation, construction and commissioning work, provide the necessary service. services (24/7) on the work of sewage treatment plants.

The company’s team is a dynamic team that combines professional knowledge and international experience in sewage treatment and water treatment, capable of carrying out comprehensive project solutions, guaranteeing performance, maximizing the benefits from the design and construction process for the customer and putting the object on a turnkey basis.

The specialists of our company have successfully developed and implemented a number of projects for the treatment of household and industrial wastewater, in particular, bringing the quality of wastewater to the regulatory requirements for the discharge into a water body of milk processing, oil, chemical, oil-gas producing, metallurgical, etc. . enterprises.

Опыт компании в решении wastewater treatment tasks, high scientific engineering potential, the use of its own advanced technologies (TU U 28.2-39380094-001: 2017), provide all the conditions for cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

  • The production area of the enterprise is 2565 m2.
  • Own design team.
  • Qualified engineering staff.
  • The technology is the author’s development of LLC AKVAMEHANIKA in collaboration with partners from the European Union.
  • Cooperation with leading scientists of Ukraine, Germany, USA.
  • The equipment is produced only at the production facilities of the group of companies “AKVAMEHANIKA” in accordance with Spec. Tehnіchni mind “.
The urgency of the problem

The company provides a high degree of wastewater treatment, due to the new system of supplying the water-air mixture, which forms a "fluidized bed" in the process of passing the effluent through the installation. On the basis of the oxidation reactor (AQUA-OR), we have the purification of both organic (municipal) wastewater and industrial (chemically oxidized) waste using reagents (coagulants and flocculants).

Our specialty

Based on the PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL method of wastewater treatment, the group of companies “Aquamechanics” performs a set of works on the installation of cleaning equipment, taking into account the composition of the wastewater of each individual object, both municipal and industrial.


The units are intended for physico-chemical treatment of water and effluents, in particular, AQUA-OR-W — for purifying water from open reservoirs and wells in the preparation of drinking water, and for preparing water for CHP heating circuits; "AQUA-OR-K" - for purification of municipal and domestic wastewater; "AQUA-OR-G" - for the purification of industrial wastewater (mine water, water used in the mining industry, washing water in the extraction of oil and gas), wastewater meat plants, dairy plants, pig waste complexes; "AQUA-OR-V" - for cleaning of waste of cardboard and paper, knitted, leather, alcohol combines and factories, storm waters.


  • Design;
  • Production;
  • Installation;
  • Service maintenance;
  • Providing the possibility of using purified water for technical, domestic and agricultural needs.

More than 20 years of experience

Satisfied customers

Company's mission

The environment of human life is important in his life. We help people live a healthy life, and the world becomes clean. An important element of this environment is PURE WATER.
Many clients come to us to learn how to neutralize wastewater. Come to find the technology of tomorrow. This means that we need to be more innovative than they are.

Our Team


Geotechnical, hydrogeological surveys for design and construction

State Ecological Academy

Leading organization of the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine in the field of educational, scientific, practical and methodical work on environmental issues

LLC "Modus-SV"

Stainless steel, one of the industry leaders

LLC "Aqua Mechanics Group"

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