“Battle for the Dnieper” – ecologists beat the alarm

According to the statement of Tatyana Timochko, chairman of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League, and Aleksandr Chistyakov, chairman of the Association of Fishermen of Ukraine, the condition of the Dnieper and the capital’s waters is critical.

Experts noted that this year the Dnieper and the lakes of Kiev “bloomed” especially magnificently. There are several main reasons for such rapid flowering of water bodies. First, they had water flow. Indeed, the Dnieper “powerful and wide” remained only in the memories of the classics. After it was blocked by dams, having deprived of its own flow, it is not able to wash off what gets into it with industrial and domestic drains and drains. On the banks of the Dnieper there are megacities, metallurgical and chemical giants, municipal sewage treatment plants with their own discharges. A river with a powerful current turns into a “standing swamp”, in which the movement of water occurs only after the “desire” of the official, who opens a “plug” on a dam or hydroelectric power station.

According to experts, this situation requires an immediate solution, otherwise we may soon have an environmental disaster with the main waterway of the capital in the lead role. The state should strictly consider the issue of reference control and responsibility for pollution of water bodies, it is also necessary to begin on changes in legislation. Only in this way will we be able to correct the situation.

– For example, more than 2500 car washes in Kiev, in order not to pay for cleaning, drain their dirty water into storm sewers, through which they bypass the treatment facilities into the Dnieper. In turn, phosphates cause intensive growth of aquatic vegetation, in particular brown-green algae, which literally “drink” oxygen from water, depriving young people of fish and other aquatic inhabitants of shallow living space, condemning them to death. How many times the environmental community has initiated the creation of a bill banning the use of phosphates in detergents and detergents, but deputies are clearly not up to it, says Tatyana Timochko.

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