Sewage treatment

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The advantages of equipment

  • Modern innovative system of supplying water-air mixture;
  • Low energy consumption of installations due to the use of electrical appliances of low power and automatic control of the operation of the technological line;
  • Small (relative to biological stations) placement area
  • Sanitary zones up to 30 m;
  • The absence of odors characteristic of treatment facilities;
  • The possibility of removing from wastewater toxic, biochemically non-oxidizing both organic and chemical contaminants;
  • Ability to fully automate the cleaning process;
  • This technology allows you to simulate the cleaning process, to make mathematical calculations, which is important for the proper selection of equipment;
  • Achievement of deep and stable wastewater treatment;
  • The warranty period of equipment operation is from 5 years;
  • The cost is lower than the manufacturers of classic wastewater treatment equipment.

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