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Cleaning equipment

Typical set of equipment

  1. Rotary drum;
  2. Sand trap sealer;
  3. Screw press separator;
  4. Tank for utilization of waste of mechanical cleaning;
  5. Oxidation reactor (AQUA-OR) with a sludge removal mechanism with a controlled oxidation process (reagent), the first stage of purification;
  6. Oxidative reactor (AQUA-OR) with a controlled oxidation process (reagent), the second stage of purification;
  7. Pressure self-cleaning float filter;
  8. Purified water disinfection system;
  9. Reagent units with pipelines;
  10. Equipment binding;
  11. Technological platforms for the control and maintenance of equipment;
  12. Forced-air and exhaust ventilation;
  13. Automatic valves;
  14. Spare pumping kit;

Advantages of floatation plant

The continuity of the process, a wide range of applications, small capital and operating costs, simple equipment, selectivity of the selection of impurities, compared with settling, high speed of the process, as well as the possibility of obtaining sludge lower humidity, high degree of purification (95 – 98%). The CLEANING PROCESS is accompanied by aeration of wastewater, a decrease in the concentration of surfactants and easily oxidizable substances, bacteria and microorganisms.

INDICATORS Cleaning efficiency  
With non-reagent When reagent
1 Suspended substances 60% 98%
2 Fat 35% 95%
3 COD * 50% 80%
4 BOD * 50% 85%
5 Ammonia nitrogen 40% 70%
6 Phosphates 55% 80%
7 Oil products 60% 90%

Press screw separator

The separator is a screw press, in which the extrusion is performed using a screw, which allows you to squeeze out all the free water.

Provides dewatering wastewater with a dry matter content of ≤1% -12% to a concentration of solids in the pressed solid fraction of more than 35 – 60%.

Easy to manage and maintain. It turns off automatically when the feed is stopped. Produces a material whose moisture is optimal for composting in pure form. Consumes from 2.2 to 5.5 kW.

The separator can be mounted on a transport trolley (mobile separator) and used to clean the lagoons in pig farms, septic tanks and other industrial plants.


Rotary drum

Rotary drum is designed for mechanical treatment of industrial wastewater.

Depending on the required degree of cleaning and the conditions of use, the rotary drum can be equipped with a mesh cloth with different cell sizes.

The rotary drum retains coarse impurities in the absence of viscous substances in water, reduces the content of suspended solids by 40–45%, which makes it possible to abandon the primary sedimentation tanks during further water treatment.

Well proved in meat-processing plants and dairies. The rotary drum is produced in several versions. The diameter of the drum is from 0.7 to 1.5 meters and the size of the cells is from 0.25 to 1 mm, the power consumption of the drum drive is 0.75 – 1.5 kW. It can be equipped with the screw for removal of firm fraction.


Jet aerator

The jet aerator is designed for primary aeration of drains.

In the receiving station, the KNS simultaneously pumps and aerates drains.

There is no need for a separate air supply.

Power consumption of the pump from 2.2 to 5.5 kW.


Local station equipment
The wastewater treatment plant is manufactured in accordance with:

  1. GOST 26582 – 85 “Machinery and equipment industrial”;
  2. GOST 12.2.124 – 90 “General technical conditions”;
  3. GOST 27487 – 87 “Electrical equipment of industrial machines”;
  4. “General safety requirements”;
  5. “SSBT industrial equipment”;
  6. “General technical requirements and test methods”.


  • “AQUA-OR-W” – for water purification from open reservoirs and wells in the preparation of drinking water, as well as the preparation of water for heating circuits of CHP;
  • “AQUA-OR- K” – for purification of municipal and domestic wastewater;
  • “AQUA-OR – G” – for the purification of industrial wastewater (mine water, water used in the mining industry, washing water in oil and gas production), wastewater from meat processing plants, dairy plants, pig waste complexes;
  • “AQUA-OR – V” – for cleaning of waste of cardboard and paper, knitted, tanneries, alcohol combines and factories, storm waters.

Climatic version and placement category of control and control equipment of installations – UHL 4.4 according to GOST 15150-69.

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